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 Special Offers:
  • Absolute Men Raffle Tickets
    Raffle tickets will be sold in the beginning of the show and all through out
    the show up until the drawing at the end of the show. The Prizes will be:


    1st prize
    Two free complimentary passes to any up and coming Absolute Men show.

    2nd prize
    One free photograph with all the Absolute Men, after the show.

    3rd prize
    A “Hot Body Shot” out of the dancer’s G-string of your choice… for this one
    you better have left all of your inhibitions at home.

  • $5.00 Price for 3 tickets

  • $10.00 Price for 10 tickets

  • $20.00 Price for 30 tickets

  • Absolute Men Photographs
    Take home all the Absolute Men, in the form of a Polaroid picture. Purchase
    a photograph with your favorite Absolute Man, or a group shot with all the Absolute Men anytime throughout the show.

    $10.00 Polaroid Price

  • Absolute Men Shirts
    Absolute Men Shirts just arrived!! Shirts are available in 4 styles: T-Shirts, Sleeveless Shirts, Tank Tops, and Baseball Jerseys. To place an order for
    your very own Absolute Men Shirt, call 800.258.2793.

    $20.00 Shirt Prices

    $85.00 Baseball Jerseys

  • Absolute Men “Hot Seats”
    Purchase your very own Absolute Men “Hot Seat” at any of our shows!
    Treat Your Bride-To-Be, Birthday Girl, Girlfriend, or Whatever to our
    infamous: “HOT-SEATS”

    How It Works:
    Every dancer uses a girl as part of their performance. You can treat your girlfriend to be “that girl” and put her in “the show”. This is your chance to really have your friend in the spotlight. We promise to “Give It to Her Good”. Now don’t worry, all is done in good taste. Sign her up and it will be a night she will never forget!!!!

    How to Participate:
    Pay attention to the MC, Giovanni. He will announce when the sign-ups begin. Then bring your “Hot Seat” form up to the MC, Giovanni, filled out completely along with $20.00 and “she is in”. It’s that easy. For those girls that want to catch their Brides or Birthday Girls in the act (hands on the Ass-ets) get those blackmail photos during your “Hot Seat” for an extra $10.00. Remember this is the only way that you will be able to obtain a perfect center stage photograph at the show. There is ABSOLUTELY NO video taping allowed.

    $20.00 “Hot Seat” Price

    $25.00 Hot Seat/Polaroid Combo Price

  • Absolute Men “Finger Cakes”
    Treat your Bride-to-Be, Birthday Girl, or Girlfriend to a fun-filled night she’ll never forget! WARNING: Girls, this is not your traditional birthday or bridal cake. This is the Absolute Men “FINGER CAKE.”

    How It Works:
    This is event the whole party can get involved in. Each girl in your party simply dabs her finger in the CREAM and puts it on the dancer’s body. The bride or birthday girl has to lick it off! Indicate the dancer you would like to see licked off. (Please, no teeth!)

    $20.00 Finger Cake Price
Absolute Men